Reseller Program

Be a Reseller of smsfactory to buy and sell sms packages for shooting mobile phone short messages all over India. 

Start your own business being a Reseller:

SMS Go Resellers:
SMSFactory Resellers works under their own brand while providing all the services provided by SMSfactory. Support and backend services will be managed by SMSfactory which allows our Resellers to concentrate on their business only.
Become a Bulk SMS reseller / affiliate and earn commission on all purchases made by users refered to Bulk SMS by you
There are 2 ways that you can refer clients to Bulk SMS.
Reseller - If you have an existing client base you can register your clients on our system from your resellers account
Affiliate - Alternatively If you have a website then simply place a link on your site with your unique reseller ID.
when a user visits Bulk SMS through your website a cookie will be placed on the visitors computer with your reseller ID that will expire in 30 days. So if that user signs up to Bulk SMS within 30 days their account will be associate with yours for life.
Either way you earn a generous commissions on all purchases from your introduced clients. As a reseller / affiliate you will be able to see all purchases made by your users. You can receive your commissions by cash also.
To become a Reseller / Affiliate or open a Bulk SMS account if you do not already have one. Once you have an account  email us to setup your account as a reseller.

Being a Reseller means:

  • Being a Reseller you get your own text messaging solution.
  • Fully Hosted
  • Branded with your company logo
Customer administration functions
Customer Support

dollars_1 image smsfactory   Simple - you get your Bulk SMS website rebranded. This gives you
  admin access which allows you to manage your users, credit SMS to
  your clients etc. you buy message units/credits from our company
  at a wholesale price and then resell them to your customers in
  small batches at whatever price you  want. The more customers
  you have, the more messages they send and the more messages
  you buy the lesser is your SMS cost. The higher the price per
  message you charge them, the more money you make.
  The highlight is that with our service you focus on serving
your customers and building your business.

What is the business model? How do I make money?

an_moneycount_1 image smsfactory

We provide you with all backend services that you need to be successful in selling the SMS.

A few reasons to consider becoming our reseller:

Very competitive end-user pricing.
No minimum sales volume requirements for resellers.
High initial discounts make it financially interesting even for small resellers.
The aggressive graduated discount structure ensures high returns for resellers with high sales volumes.
We provide full customer service to all the people who purchase our products.
You have the ability to provide value-adding services to your local customers.
You can access Online Reseller Center to order licenses and to generate reports.
We do not undercut our resellers when upgrade or license renewal time comes around.
You will have your own contact person with us to help you with sales and other issues.
The ease of installation, product stability and reliability, fast support, and the ease-of-use for your customer, make your job easy. It is easy to understand why our network of resellers is growing.

To become a reseller, follow the simple steps below:

  •  Complete the online Reseller Application form.
  •  You will receive the Reseller Agreement by email.
  •  Sign and return the Reseller Agreement.
We offer SMS business for you with minimal charges. You won't be able to find a similar solution elsewhere in the market. To create a similar solution on your own would require significant resources like hiring developers, integrating connectivity with mobile networks, designing the application interface etc.
In other words, there is no service available in the market similar to Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS World offers it's resellers a SMS platform of WEB 2.0 Technology which is unique.or contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Reseller Interface:

The Software's resellers interface allows the reseller to sell our SMS, text messaging solutions in a specific market and provide consulting services to its clients totally under his branding. For example, you could implement a web service similar to, customize its look and feel to fit your client’s requirements, organize connectivity with SMS centers and build payment processing links. You would get a sales commission from us and you would also generate billable hours for the valuable support you offer to your client. Our resellers must adhere to strict standards that we publish and must be certified. This also requires a minimum monthly financial commitment. The reseller is responsible for billing and first level support for direct customers and support and training of its clients.
For more information on becoming our Reseller please leave your contact information. One of our representatives will contact you shortly.

How to become a Reseller and Rich?

Step 1: Contact Us.
Step 2: Get your reseller website
Step3: Start your own SMS business

Contact us :

Setup Charges: Rs. 5,000/- one time non-refundable


1. One Month of validity/One year Validity by paying few extra charges.
2. Complete white-label website for your users
3. Set your own pricing for your customers.
4. API for your customers to send SMS from their application

Important Note:

1. All prices are exclusive of taxes.
2. Resellers will have One month/365 days of validity to consume the credits.
3. Credits will be carry forward only if a recharge will be done within validity period.
4. No carry forward after expiry of validity.
if you have any query please drop a mail at

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