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Smsfactory supports Sending-SMS-to-Groups, Group-SMS, Group-SMS-Service, create-groups-in-excel, Bulk-SMS, Free-Group-SMS, Group-sms-India, Send-sms-to-mobile-phones, Online-Group-SMS services to send SMS to various groups of people on a single click in India and abroad.
Only you have to prepare a group of all phone numbers of the group in A Column  and the names in the B  Column of the Excel Sheet . You have to upload the excel file and then you are able to send them the SMS messages of text as well as voice calls.
In the beginning it was quite difficult to send a group message (SMS) collectively to a number of people . It was very time -consuming and harassing process and each message was to be sent to an individual client by typing separately. Now IT companies had solved this problem by inventing group messaging option. In Group messaging option, a same sms can be sent to a group of customers, clients, viewers, members, friends, relatives, distributors, dealers, buyers, share holders, clientele, etc instantly over internet. Group sms messaging really made bulk-sms-delivery very successful as well as reliable. 
Short messaging service i.e. SMS are used to send Group-SMS messages to mobile phones for Marketing, Communication, Advertisement, Information locally as well as globally.

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Group Messaging is Useful for sending information to various groups of people for 

Birthdays .celebration in a family
Marriages or Wedding in a family
Marriage and Wedding Ceremonies
Silver jubilee, Golden Jubilee and Diamond Jubilee celebrations
Annual Function of School, College or University,
Joining Celebration in new company
Retirement Celebration
Opening Anniversary celebration
New Opening of a new outlet, office, industry, factory, shop, clinic, hospital, branch office, bank, school, college, university, transport, travel agency, shoppe, club, health club, gym hotel, motel, restaurant etc

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