Bulk SMS Ludhiana

Bulk SMS Ludhiana

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SMSFactrory provides Bulk SMS Services for Ludhiana to non DND numbers as well as DND Numbers which allow messaging for following categories.
(1) Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards,
(2) Real Estate,
(3) Education,
(4) Health,
(5) Consumer goods and automobiles,
(6) Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT,
(7) Tourism and Leisure.

SMSFactory Provides Reliable and cheap Bulk SMS Services In Ludhiana and covers all Indian Mobile Phone Networks and Brands. We are an Outstanding and Prominent Bulk SMS Provider Company not only of India but also the World. We are serving for Text Messages, Voice Messages, Short Code Messages in Ludhiana. The natives of Ludhiana can now send Group Messages via our Best Gateways of Bulk SMS. We Provide all Range of Bulk SMS from low, medium and high pricing range. The low and medium ranges are economically useful for promotional messaging while high pricing is useful for Stock marketing and Live Traders. We are partnered with Multi Channels for Bulk SMS In Ludhiana, Punjab and almost all Cities and their areas and locations in India. We also provide Bulk International messaging facility to deliver mobile phone messages abroad.

Text SMS Services Ludhiana

In Ludhiana Text messages can be dilivered for information, Advertisement, Marketing & Campaigning Purposes. These Text messages play a very positive role in these fields of business and industry. We have many client in ludhiana who are using our text messaging services to deliver Text SMS. They are regualarly purechasing Bulk SMS from us and using for their various purposes positively.

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Voice SMS Services Ludhiana

Voice Calls can be sent via our Voice Gateways in Ludhiana. Our many Branded Users in Ludhiana are availing our this service and are getting benefited from these services.
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Short Code Services Ludhiana

We also provide Short code service for Ludhiana to send SMS and receive its feedback form receivers of the SMS< This is very useful for receiver as they do not have to pay for sending their response back, Only they have to send message back from their mobile phone to 56161. We charge an annual service charges for this Short Code service.

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Bulk SMS APIs service Ludhiana

We are also providing Bulk SMS APIs for sending mobile phone messages directly from websites in Ludhiana.

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Bulk Flash SMS Service Ludhiana

Smsfactory provides Bulk SMS Services for delivery of Flash Messages.in Ludhiana.

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International Bulk SMS Services Ludhiana

The natives of Ludhiana  are eligible to send Bulk SMS abroad from our International Bulk SMS Gateway
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Applications of Bulk SMS Services Ludhiana

Many  Ludhiana based banking services, financial services, insurance services, Real Estate companies,  Educational institutions, Health Centers, Consumer goods and automobiles, Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT, Tourism and Leisure Service providers are using Bulk SMS Services of our smsfactory daily since many last years. We are regularly helping them for sending their messages to mobile phones of their customers, buyers, Clients, members, employees, retailers, whole-sellers, social networkers and many more. Our these Bulk messaging services are very useful

Features of Bulk SMS

  1. Economic (Cost effective) communication
  2. Increase business efficiency
  3. Direct Reach to Targeted Mobile Phone Users
  4. Send SMS to a large group at just Single Click
  5. Any new number / numbers can be added to the phonebook
  6. SMS messages can be sent directly from Excel / CSV
  7. Very handy GUI (Graphical User Interface) Interface 
  8. Internet based connectivity
  9. Bring mobility in business
  10. Successful campaigning
  11. Always remain in contact with customers
  12. Also get Feedback (Answers, Yes / No, Votes, Good or Not Good, quary etc) from Cusomers
  13. Low, Medium & High Quality options of Bulk SMS Gateways
  14. Testing of messaging before delivery of  SMS Messages
  15. Scheduled messaging option
  16. Instant messaging option
  17. All Mobile networks' support
  18. Support of All Brands of Mobile Phones
  19. Dynamic Sender IDs option
  20. Branded Sender IDs option
  21. Live Support for delivery of messaging
  22. Database availability
  23. Application interfaces ( APIs ) of messaging  for websites
  24. Resellers Support
  25. Live Messaging Delivery Report
  26. After Messaging Delivery Report
  27. Display  of Used and balance SMS in an account
  28. Account refill facility

Advantages / Benefits of mobile phone messaging

  1. Unlimited Message Delivery on a single click
  2. Your Own Registered Keyword is always shown with each SMS you deliver
  3. Integrate Bulk SMS API ( Application Interface) in your Website and deliver SMS directly from your website.  
  4. Send SMS in Bulk In just three steps I.e Write the SMS, add the phone book and Click on 'Send SMS' button
  5. Fully automated Software for sending and showing Bulk delivery os SMS
  6. GUI (Graphical User Interface) Application  software which is easy to navigate.
  7. Own Keyword is best to recall useful to successful campaign
  8. Advertisement can be sent with SMS
  9. Direct Marketing 
  10. Targeted marketing
  11. Group Marketing
  12. Economic Advertisement, Marketing & Campaigning  
  13. Make the business Fast and Efficient too
  14. Useful for every Business and Website positively 
  15. Buy and Sell option for Resellers
  16. Eco Friendly mode of Advertising, Marketing and Campaigning
  17. Get Customers' feedback by Short -code messaging
  18. Make your Sender ID popular with respect to business
  19. Make any Advertising, Marketing, Social networking Campaign fruitful by group messaging
  20. Send instant messaging to deliver important and useful information via bulk SMS services
  21. Very Economic mode of IT ( Information Technology )
  22. Prepare the database or you employees and send them alerts on any emergency or critical situation
  23. Make Management Information System ( MIS ) of your business / company  very successful / efficient
  24. Easy than Email messaging
  25. Send greetings to clients or suppliers on various festivals or other occasions positively
  26. Automated Scheduled massaging option
  27. All mobile types and networks support
  28. Easy & economic than calling on phone
  29. Help to grow business
  30. Easy than one to one messaging
  31. Make your business always mobile via bulk phone messaging services

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