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right gif Bulk Text messaging 

right gif Short code sms service / Two way sms service

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right gif Bulk Voice calls / Voice sms / Pre-recorded Call

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right gif Unicode / Local-language sms messages

Bulk Text messaging: supports Bulk Text Messaging Service to deliver mobile-sms worldwide. Text messages are usually up to 160 characters long.
Text may be in any language spoken in India and worldwide. Most of sms messages are sent in English with Local language tone. These messages can be sent to each and every client separately or as a group. In individual group messaging different sms messages can be sent instantly, however same message to all clients may be sent in a groups.
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Shortcode SMS service / Two way sms service

Shortcodes with keywords are now being used by most industry sectors, from Nightclub Promoters to Motor manufacturers as a way to allow customers to gather information on their products and services. Shortcode SMS service is also known as two way sms service as there is facility to get the response of the message back.
Smsfactory supports Shortcode sms Gateway or Two way sms Gateway services.
Short codes are widely used for value added services such as television voting, ordering ring tones, charity donations and mobile services. Generally messages sent to short codes are billed at a higher rate than a standard SMS but this doesn't have to be the case, they can by free of charge, it all depends on the application.
We can offer Dedicated shortcodes and Shared shortcodes with keywords. This allow your customer to send an inbound text to a shortcode such as 56161.
When we receive this text, we now who the message is intended for so we deliver the message to your account or send it on via Email forwarding at no extra charge. We can even generate an automated reply by SMS or even email if the customer provides their email address as part of the message.
We have some of the most memorable Short codes in the industry, perfect for your marketing campaigns. For more information on how these numbers can be used and prices please contact us now.

Long sms service:

If you need to send long message more than 160 characters and less than 320 characters then the payment cost of two sms messages will be deducted from your sms pack and you may send messages up to 1071 Characters long in this way by expending one sms credit after 160 characters.

Bulk Voice calls / Voice sms / Prerecorded Call

Bulk voice calls are prerecorded voice message up to 23 seconds which can be delivered in bulk to many groups of people on a single click. These are instantly delivered by special software techniques and using .wav files.

Flash sms messages:

Flash messages are the text messages which directly shown on the screen of your mobile phone. You may save it in your inbox to respond with it later.

Unicode or language sms messages:

Special sms for many businesses and domains:

domain_names_1 image smsfactory

Smsfactory is providing bulk sms services for many domains in India : 

Some Domain Names on Internet in India:

info domain:

It is top level domain in the Domain Name System of the Internet and it is derived from information. Many sites related to information technology, information, informative communication, information transfer, information processing and many more. Anybody can register it.

com domain: 

com domain is derived from Commercial word and it is widely used internet dsn domain

org domain:

 org domain is derived from organization. It is top level damain and any person or entity is permitted to register it

edu domain:

edu domain  is derived  from education, It is top level domain of educational sites.

gov domain:

governmental domain is limited to governmental entities or agencies.

travel domain:

travel and tourism industry related sites. it is a public site open to anybpdy.

pro domain:

Derived from professions. It is reserved for licensed or certified accountants, engineers, lawyers, and physicians etc.

jobs domain: sites are come under this category of domain.

coop domain:

It is limited to sites of cooperatives.

int domain:

 stands for international organizations

aero domain

shows air-transport industry

net domain:

 indicates network related sites

mil domain:

Tells about  military sites

tel domain:

Internet communication services sites come under this category

mobi domain:

mobile devices sites come under this domain name.

biz domain:

business related sites are categorized under this domain.

tv domain:

television related sites are perform under this dns

eu domain:

European Union sites are categorized in this domain.

asia domain:

Asia-Pacific region sites are come under this domain name.

museum domain:

museums are categorized under this dns.

name domain:

individuals name sites are kept under this category.
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