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Bulk sms packages are very useful for information in all small businesses and big businesses. Many brands of business are using their hallmarks for mobile marketing in this competitive era. They are promoting their trademarks as sender ID to deliver bulk sms. The logos of different companies are registered as unique identity. Many trading companies are doing trade efficiently by delivering short mobile messages time to time from their branded sender ID to deliver sms messages of text and voice globally as well as anywhere anytime in the World. Various Charities, Academies, Enterprises, Parties and foundations of various trades and fields of business use very acute short message services for direct reach to their buyers. Many Commercial Enterprises, league, Camps, Corporations, have targeted staff, suppliers, dealers and customers for their services. Communication is basic need for all manufactory, production, production and distribution, Sales, Economy, wholesaling and retailing purposes. Marketing via sms is very economic for many works, workshops, workstations where many workers work for the economy of these works. Short code messaging and text messaging are well known and useful for factory, mill, manufacturing plant, organization, alliance, affiliation, club, coalition. corporation, federation and many more. Information for many establishments, institutes, contracts, markets, finance, financial corps, agriculture, farm and farm house etc for their profitable settlement is necessary to progress. We Smsfactory value for timely information delivery in bulk for many Stock Brokers for Supplying buy and sell information to their clientele, as stock reports are depend on real time information.  All hotels can improve their hotel safety and hotel communication for less money than they may think. Employment, undertaking, plan, collaboration, settlement, set up, society, handicraft, offer, commercial enterprises all need economic communication via bulk sms of smsfactory. Businesses are now seeing  their future in team work. Team work via sms messaging is effective and necessary for communication among various offices, departments or different commodities and goods. Team work through various sms messaging of instant delivery. It is necessary and useful for advertise, management information system, marketing to distribute, sell, contact, pursuit their business activities. Any institution, trust, syndicate, mission, domain, practice, profession, job, house, outfit, partnership, multinational level marketing, event need eco friendly and economic communication. Sms technology is new approach to all staff, labour and clientele. All service providers like hospital, orphanage, school, college, university, distant learning center, educational system, agency, networking, dealers, sub-dealers etc are related to business activities need cheap communication. Any business unit audience, bureau, hotel, motel, travel agency, social networking, service, treatment, plant, mill, builder, maker, joint, business site, audience, agent, dealer always require economic communication. The retail as well as wholesale markets are availing bulk sms for their shops, malls, markets to promote Sales.Whatever and wherever your industry, business, trade, company, brand, trademark, enterprise, commerce and many more is, Smsfactory's sms of text and voice messaging has power to accelerate your business smarter and faster to promote your economy and production. These text and voice messaging solutions can be used to communicate with your Buyers, clientele, Customers, Dealers, Audience, Employees, public, spectators etc.

Top reasons for your industry to implement smsfactory's mobile messaging solutions of text, short code, long sms, unicode sms and voice calls globally are:

  1. Your own Branded-Messaging (helps your advertisement along with each message)
  2. Direct reach
  3. Send Group messaging up to ( ten lakh / 1 Million ) recipients on a single click
  4. Targeted reach
  5. Time saving application
  6. Instant delivery (immediacy)
  7. Economic
  8. Automation
  9. Handy to operate
  10. Permanent record
  11. Reporting delivery
  12. View Report
  13. Future scheduling
  14. Trackable MIS (Management Information System)
All businesses, agencies, companies, services always require cheaper communication for their MIS (Management Information System). It IS only possible through mobile phone short text and voice messaging with the help of various mobile phone networks anywhere anytime in the world. Mobile messaging is really an important, handy, economic, eco-friendly, direct reach, instant and quick responding globally

Take a look how industries like your trade utilizing smsfactory's Text-sms, Voice-sms, Two-way-sms mobile phone messaging world wide

Short Code:
Voice Calls:

Bulk sms of Smsfactory can improve the sales of your industry powerfully:

You may see how industries, companies, factories, businesses, markets, trade, like your business are using SMS BULK services of Smsfactory to flourish their business around the globe.
Your competitors are getting more traffic to their business than you through brisk trading via SMS services on mobile phones. They can use SMS BULK  messages for smart and fast trading in many ways as:
  • Sending any relevant and latest business news
  • Offering new packages to improve sale
  • Offering heavy discount in retail rates
  • Conveying new product launch information
  • informing for exhibition,  display shows, sales, trade shows, art gallery shows, concert shows, fan convention, political convention, religious convention and so on.
  • Calling a customer to set up a deal.
  • Informing for big seasonal sales to clear the stock.
  • Following sectors of business are using SMS messages to boost their trade locally, nationally and internationally.

industry img of your industry of smsfactory

Industries which can avail the bulk sms of

Industry refers to production of economic goods or proving services within an economy.
Your industry may be related to many fields of business. Mainly It may be of following types:
Ltd industries / limited industries: your industry is private limited industry.
Indian industries / india industires : your industry belongs to or in India.
Top industries in india: your industry is one of the topmost industry of India.
Small scale industries: your industry comes under the small scale category.
Manufacturing industries: your industry deal in manufacturing products from raw materials.
Textile industry: your industry is producing textile.
Two wheeler industries: your industry is belonging to two wheelers
Paper industries: your industry is related to paper manufacturing or processing.
Medium scale industries: your industry comes under the medium scale category.
Fertilizer industries: your industry produces fertilization.
Finance industries: your industry deals in finance.
Film industries: your industry deals with film production or suiting.
Fishing industries: your industry deals with fishing processing.
Food industries: your industry produces food products
Foot ware industries: your industry deals with foot wares manufacturing.
Fuel industries: your industry is dealing with fuel production or processing.
Garments industries: your industry produces various types garments.
Health care industries: your industry cares for health matters.
Hardware industries: your industry produces or deals with hardware of computers.
Hotel industries: your industry deals with Hotel services.
Music industries: your industry deals with music production, processing and caring.
Insurance industries: your industry provides services pertaining to Insurance of various types.
Transportation industries: your industry provides services of transportation.
Chemical industries : your industry uses chemicals to produce valuable products.
Electrical industries: your industry deals with electric or it goods.
Estates industries: your industry provides services related to property sale and purchase.
Software industries: your industry is providing soft ware or its related services.
Hospital industry: your industry deals with hospital services.
Marine industries: your industry deals in marine services of many kinds.
Medicine industry: your industry provides medicine products or services.
Metal industries: your industry deals with metal and its various products and services.
Motor cycle industries: your industry provides products and services of motor cycle.
Railway industries: your industry provides production or services related to railway transportation.
Pharmaceutical industries: your industry produces medicines or its services.
Power generating industries: your industry produces power generating equipments or their maintenance services.
Leather industries: your industry  produces leather good or its processing services.
Milk industries: your industry provides milk or its products.
News(Media) industries:your industry helps media in anyway.
Paint industries: your industry produces paint or various services related to it.
Pesticide industries: your industry deals in pesticides or services of it.
Plastic industries: your industry is producing plastic products or its related various services.
Petroleum industries: your industry deals in petroleum products and services.
Seaport industries: your industry  provides seaport services.
Solar industries: your industry provides solar services or various gadgets related to them.
software industries: your industry provides various types of soft wares or  their services.
Soap industries: your industry produces soap or its products.
Steel industries: your industry deals in iron and its various services.
Telecommunications industries: your industry deals with communicative products or services.
Toy industries: your industry manufactures toys and various services of them.
Tractor industries: your industry produces tractor parts or their services.
Video game industries: your industry produces video games and their services.
Water industries: your industry deals with water projects or its various services.
wood industries: your industry deals in wood processing and manufacturing of its various products.
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