Bulk SMS can be sent directly from any website in the world:

Smsfactory enables any website to sent Bulk SMS directly from it anywhere anytime across the Globe. We provide local and international Bulk SMS APIs for Web Sites. If any website owner wants to integrate his / her Website with our Bulk SMS APIs  then please Contact US immediately. It is very beneficial for the Websites who need sending Bulk SMS regularly or time to time. . .
Web-sms-server of smsfactory is a web-server to send sms-messages to remote users via web-sms-service of smsfactory on the internet. These sms messages are also known as web-sms because these are delivered instantly via web applications and internet services of various mobile networks. These web-sms-softwares are helpful to send bulk sms messaging all over india. Sms factory is providing it services with the help of web services of the Internet. Internet connection as well as internet Web Browsers like internet explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox are needed to perform sms messaging in india. Internet sms or internet sms sending to mobile phones is the right way as well as medium of bulk sms messaging. Smsfactory is serving as internet sms gateway to send sms messaging in all states, cities, towns and locations of India. Our bulk sms resellers are availing our best services and becoming very successful resellers.  

Bulk sms via Internet and WWW:

Internet is the web (net) of computers all over the world to communicate or exchange information via internet service providers using internet protocols. There are many websites which are running on internet. web messenger / messenger web is type of software for special purpose, msn web / web msn / msn web messenger are also web softwares, web browser are required to search web pages, people also like web video and google web, web online services are used by  web clients, web history is required for searching web sites. New web technology is developing world web, web work is performed by programmers for web building and web business, web server is required for storing data and web studio uses web color for  web game / social web / web adz / web database, webs are displayed by os(operating system), web art is important for web designing, mobile web is also useful for mobile phone messaging, web blog display information, web store, music web, web news,are various kinds of websites web text and hyper text is used in web pages, web contents are information about web pages, web book, web id, company web, web security, web form, web testing, web file, web conference, web solutions, world web, easy web, web videos, web games, web images etc are related words to world wide webs.

internet_cafe1.jpg image smsfactory.in

World Wide Web:

The World Wide Web popularly known as Web abbreviated as WWW is an important medium of information of internet. Web is a site on the net containing hypertext run with the help a web browser and  web software. Web 2.0 is a collection of web sites which provides information to develop the  web programming languages for web development. A private company Web.com provides business and other sites for consumers. Messenger  Web is a well known microsoft service.

web_1 image smsfactory 

BulkSMS provides solutions to send and receive single and bulk SMS messages using the Internet.
BulkSMS enables single and multiple users to send and receive SMS messages using:

  • BulkSMS's Desktop Software
  • The BulkSMS Web site
  • Your Email Software
  • Your Mobile
  • One of BulkSMS's API's

The BulkSMS application programming interfaces (eAPI's) are easy to integrate, making it the best choice for developers and your company to SMS enable your own systems.

Internet Browsers list:

Internet Explorer, Firefox (also called Mozilla Firefox), Chrome, Safari, Opera, Netscape Navigator, Camino, SeaMonkey, iCab, K-Meleon, Amaya, Galeon, Maxthon Browser, Flock (web browser), Konqueror, Midori, uzbl, Voyager, Dillo Web Browser, Slim Browser, KidRocket, Iron Browser, GNU IceCat, PhaseOut web browser, OmniWeb, Crazy Browser, ShenzBrowser, Swiftweasel, Shiira, Avant Browser, xB Browser, Sleipnir, space time, Browse3D, 3B Room, Bitty Browser, Lobo Java Web Browser, Elinks Text WWW Browser, Epiphany, Grail, Ibrowse, Lynx etc


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