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Why Mobile Marketing

Consumers, Buyers & Clients can be exposed to new Products, Ideas and Services through the use of innovative advertisement created by modern mobile technologies. Bulk SMS has become a legitimate advertising channel globally.
Mobile Marketing or marketing via SMS is becoming more popular nowadays worldwide due to its following unique characteristics
  • Direct access to the customers
  • Instant & fast delivery
  • Automatic delivery process
  • Economic
  • Time saving
  • Read anytime
  • Useful medium
  • Eco friendly
  • Cheap & Best communication & information system
  • Get users' response
  • Handy messaging
  • Brand advertisement

Marketing via SMS

Mobile marketing is important for modern marketing of any business nowadays. Mobile marketing includes both selling and purchasing of various produces and services all over the world. Marketing is becoming very easy and sophisticated way for mobile marketers. Mobile phones have direct reach and instant reception facility of sms messages. Text Sms messages are useful to deliver for marketing purposes. You may increase your economic status by mobile-marketing. Mobile-marketing-via-sms is a very well known category for mobile-marketing globally. Sms marketing, mobile advertising and sms text messaging are other terms used instead or mobile marketing, You may deliver bulk-sms from smtp-server to many mobile-numbers instantly. Sms messaging is a phone-application for recipients as well as marketers. Smart phone-applications support text to phone from computer. Mobile marketers send mobile-offers of various kinds via electronic media. SMS has become a legitimate advertising channel globally.
Business-mobile-phones and Cell-phone-marketing help business improvement in very short duration of time. Time is most important factor in Business. As many mobile marketing campaigns are time specific events. They opt for better results of marketing for their Sales in this very competitive market of the world.  Mobile marketing trends are specific for a unique mobile-marketing-company for marketing by Sms. Selling via mobile phone as well as selling through mobile phone is increasing day by day all over the world.  Marketing-strategy is set up for marketing plan of any marketing in the world, Stock market is One of the real time event which may change the data or information according to time. The Stock market today convey the real time information and stock market tips are then delivered along with the informative data to react with. Stock-market-news are changed according to time and it is not possible that all the clients of a stock broker are online at the moment so it is necessary to send recipients the information to take decision to sell or buy stock shares at the moment. Stock market software is necessary for online- stock-market customers to check the reports of stock market. Stock market of India depends on world stock market. Stock market live sms messaging can be sent to customers for stock market prices report. Customers take decision after stock-market-analysis for stock-market-trading. Stock market chart shows the ups and downs of the market. Stock market is an internet market or e-marketing (electronic marketing) of modern and recent time.
Mobile marketing is also known as Digital marketing for digital data is transmitted in this process of marketing. It promotes various brands of markets. Digital advertising is modern concept of successful advertising and marketing all over the  world. Digital banners are sent via text messages to all mobile phones. All this wireless communication for mobile marketing through mobile phone networks is very Popular, Economic, Eco - friendly as well as Reliable nowadays.

Mobile Phone Characteristics for Mobile marketing :

Mobile phone medium is an outstanding medium for SMS information, business, education, entertainment, networking etc as it has following qualities and unique features
  • Person  who contains mobile handset device can easily be contacted via SMS
  • It is a wireless device.
  • It is quite handy device
  • it is operated by using very low power voltages usually 3.6 / 3.7 V DC and can easily be charged at home or office using an electrical battery charger. 
  • it occupies a very little space due to its small size.
  • It has user friendly interface.
  • It  can be carried out easily anywhere with a person in his / her hand, pocket or purse.
  • It saves paper as well as environment as it uses electronic medium to write and display information and hence can be considered as eco-friendly.
  • It is very fast way to convey information.
  • It is cost-effective medium to convey SMS, CALLS, Video Clips, weather reports etc.
  • Internet browser of it enables the people to avail the internet services.
  • It can be used locally, internationally and globally very efficiently.
  • It possesses unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number and hence provides a user unique ID internationally.
  • It is really an appreciable invent.

Bulk SMS for Mobile Marketing

SMS Bulk and Bulk SMS services have made the mobile marketing business very convenient and very fast in many ways.
  • Business can be performed at all the time and from anywhere in the world.
  • Making a deal is easy.
  • Debit and credit of payment is made easier by E-Commerce.
  • IT plays a very important role to operate all events of communication as well as  payment dealings.
  • Mobile banking is directly supporting the mobile marketing.
  • Time is saved through mobile  and e-business.
  • Advertisement, notices, joke message, funny messages, commercial messages and so many other messages are improving the mobile business locally, nationally and internationally.
  • The mobile phone is now more pervasive than the PC and more immediately accessible at all times of the day. This makes it the perfect medium for targeted marketing campaigns that really engage consumers. Some of the most promising application areas include mobile advertising, direct marketing, coupons and vouchers and mobile ticketing.
  •  Choose from the options to the left to learn more about the many ways we help our clients increase brand awareness and response rates, build customer profiles, improve customer loyalty and boost revenues.
To see how Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California promotes their SMS communication channel with stadium attendees, click here to view a newscast story.

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Uses of Mobile Marketing or Marketing via SMS

Complaint management:

The best medium of complaint submission in times to come will be SMS. Via SMS customers can submit their queries and complaints thus, incurring a fast and good response.

For greetings or bulk messaging:

SMS messaging system allows you send bulk messages to a group of people without typing the same message every time. Today, Short Messaging System is very effective medium of communicating.  Itís like sending greetings of New Year to more than 80-90 people so that you donít miss out anyone. Moreover, the cost of bulk messaging cuts the cost of single messages.

Product information:

With reach of SMS expanding widely companies have all geared up communicating with the customer effectively by advertising via SMS. The service providers generally tend to send most of the details of the product and attractive offers for increasing response to the product using SMS.

Feedback of customers:

SMS is fast becoming the medium of getting "customer feedback". Itís all about because itís short and effective in reach. SMS facility is being widely used today for getting customerís feedback. For example: if a competition is being held then the most acceptable manner of involving audience in the function is by gathering votes for contestants through SMS. Effective communication:
SMS is the best medium when you donít want to talk but still want to communicate. The idea is of effective communication as words display the true emotions of heart. What we cannot speak its always better to express in writing.

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