Business applications of SMS

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Unlimited uses of bulk sms messaging:


 1.Production, presentation, preparation, making, generation, service, work, manufacturing and processing,  industry, company, show
 2.sales and marketing:
 3.Customer relation services
 4.Business management and internal administration:   
 5.Information Technology and System Administration
 6.Communication and IT
 7.Travel and Tourism
 8.Transport and Logistics   
 9.Financial services
10.Social networking, Religious networking, National networking
11.Multi-media and journalism
12.Government agencies
13.Private and corporate business
14.Human resource and welfare  

1.Production, manufacturing and processing:

1.Product launching: Deliver product launching information to a lots of people via mobile phone messages of text, two way, flash and voice messaging and mention the qualities of your new products by your industry's produce, production, manufacture, composition, cultivation, fabrication, growing, generation, output, turnover, yield, handcraft etc,  
2.Product's unique information on the go:
Send little information about product to convince the customers and clients properly to buy and use it.
3.Send comparative prices of the products:
Send comparative list of pricing of the product by sms to avail the opportunity by the customers.
4.Extended Product Information:
People can get additional information on any price listing by entering a short code number displayed on the yard sign into their mobile phones.   
5.Event Details information:   
The email to SMS service is currently being utilized by Pubs, Concerts, movie, Cinema, magic shows, music shows, auctions inform many customers for upcoming events.
6.Product verification:
any industry may allow users to send free sms when they buy the product to verify the genuineness of the product,This avoids duplicate produces.
7.Product Advice:
Many companies provide free information about their produces via mobile messaging of text, picture, and voice data. They send information via Digital Bulletin for free advice and demonstration.
8.Price Information :
Recent price information is delivered by sms services. Many resellers of our deliver recent price information as well as discounts to avail opportunities.
9.“VIP” Information and Stock Updates:
Many companies are sending their information via for their members of various social networks, clubs or pubs to avail the offers.
10.Mobile Listings:  
On mobile internet many companies provide ID to their users to print and retrieve any information from their site and provide information via sms if at the time of login the information is not available.     
11.Business Locator:
Any user can locate any nearest restaurant, hotel, pizza hut, pub to take services via business locator on their handset and send them sms to avai the very service. The information is provided the location by road map, address, contact numbers and many more.
Many companies may use mobile messaging for providing them services via mobile phone messages. They may provide information or facility after getting a confirmed message from their users.

2.Sales and Marketing

13.Sales Promotions:
Our many user companies and businesses are now using sms to promote their sales time to time. As there is direct access to their many customers, clients, participants, members etc via mobile phone short message service of which is providing very reliable services to deliver bulk sms in all cities and districts of India. Various companies send alerts to regular customers to
pre-sale and new items.
14.Win competitions:
Many companies are providing opportunities to send answer via sms to a given short code to win a prize as well as get respond to their produce.
15.. Quotations:  
Any travel, tour, transport company can get access via sms messaging to their customers for any insurance or other prompt services.
Various company get orders from their customers by providing them free sms service via bulk sms services of text and voice messages.
17.Vending machine Sales:
Many companies use sms enabled vending machines for their sale purposes. Cad bury chocolate vending machine was launched in Mumbai, in 2003. Customers have to send sms to the short code displayed on the LCD of the machine, The machine then displays the customer's mobile phone number and asks for the choice of chocolate to get, The customer receives an sms confirming the transaction as well as wishing him / her good luck. This is an autonomous process to sale many items.   
18.Prepaid Coupons and Virtual Vouchers:
Many companies allow cell phone technology to pay or buy items through prepaid coupons and virtual vouchers.In this way there is very large scope to avail mobile phone services to make payments.
19.Discount Coupons and Vouchers with short codes:
Discount coupons and vouchers are provided by many business companies to get discounts via sms services. Companies get short code from and get their customers' response immediately or later.
20.Virtual Gifts:
many companies may send messages as a gift on Christmas, Deewali, Valentine day, mothers day, national day, international day and many more in an interesting way of bouquet of flowers image, national flag, greetings and good wishes etc to their regular customers occasionally.
21.Auction Bidding :
bidding service can be offered to various customers online via mobile phone text of voice messages. The users can take part in an auction as well as bid for it. Ebay ( is such type of company which provides these services online.
22.Daily Mobile Content (Premium):  
Daily mobile content about today's thought, weather alerts like thousands of cities world wide;sess in UK. for UK and Ireland Get daily bible verses from  
23. Mobile Content Sales:
Many mobile content vendors sale ring-tones by text messaging. They enable users to a ring-tone, dial tones, back music, comedy show etc which are billed by the customer's wireless operator.
24.Access Codes for Premium Material Online:
Many companies may offer their customers to make payment by sms. On their sites they are asked to login by entering the mobile phone number and in return the customers receive an sms with a code which enables access to the article online. Customers are billed by the phone company on their monthly cell phone invoice which is very easy as well as handy way of purchasing online.
25.Marketing and PR Campaigns:
Many companies are providing keyword to access their various services and allow free sms as an offer to promote their marketing campaign of their business. These campaign may deliver reminders, schedules, and information by sms services.
26.eMail Newsletter Promotion:
Companies may a deliver their daily business news letter for their customers for information. They may text to a given keyword to access their website. eg. serves news on mobile phone  
27.Virtual Campaigns:
virtual campaigns can be made via sms services, companies may call customers to join any campaign, they can use it for their information, advertisement as well as marketing purposes.

3.Customer related services

28.Deliver Greeting:
Greetings can be delivered to the customers, clients, members, participants etc by any company on any occasion or at purchasing any item, through bulk sms services of smsfactory. These may be text as well as voice format. A modern and easy way of greetings.
Any reminder regarding payment, bill, sale, insurance instalment, bank credit / debit etc may be delivered to the customers in a single go by's text and voice bulk messaging services. These services really necessary for any business to promote is a text reminder services which sends reminders to the natives of
Northern Ireland to put out their recycling bins for collection. Like this many companies have great scope of delivering text and voice messages as reminders in all cities of India via services.
30. collection Notification:
Companies who want to send collection notices to their customer, clients, members, participants etc to collect their goods, bills, or items etc. Many companies who provide repair services of any kind, or getting late delivery of produces are using these services via They can send text or voice messages or both for this purposes. Voice messages are advances type of messages and
easily heard by the customers.
31. After Hours Assistance:
people may get assistance after close up of any office by using sms services. Centers who are providing this type of assistance may take two way or other services of for this purpose. Many schools may provide these services to their students to avail their various educational as well as sport services.  
32.Information Updates:
Information updates can easily be accessed by sending mobile phone messages to the company providing the update service.Now Airtel users can send an SMS to 54321 and get updates on traffic jams, bus locations and even travel routes and time in Banglore. They are providing traffic on mobile service to customers.
33.Account status information:
Any company, bank, authority may provide sms services to their customers to avail information of their personal account.   
34.Roster and Schedule Updates:
Schedule and roster updates are sent through sms services to deliver important information eg US Airways ( offers uptodate flight information via text messaging. Passengers have to enroll with 'Dividend Miles' and get information by messaging to a given short code.
35. Result Notifications:
In a hospital or charitable hospital where many tests are performed. Out of these test results the critical ones are immediately sent to the doctor in charge of the cases for immediate action which takes only two minutes of time rather than 20 or more minutes required by the old system of information. This increases the performance the hospital as well as saves many lives. eg surgical hospital ( named Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore.
Any company may take services to declare any results all over india.
36.Campaign Status Updates:
any company, agency, industry may deliver its special campaign updates from time to time for their customers. eg election campaign in India is delivered by  
37.customer Complaints Channel:
public may send complaints in Madurai district of Tamilnadu to police department against any antisocial activity. It was inaugurated by South Zone IG of Police Mr. Sanjeev Kumar. The report of the action taken is then sent to the complainant by a reply sms.There is wide scope to know complaints and solve them in modern India. Companies may provide these services in India.
38.Customer Satisfaction Measurement:
companies may send many customer satisfactory programs which is necessary to improve their business. Customers are the basic entities of any business and their care is the care of the business.    
39.Short surveys:
short surveys in India may be accomplished successfully using sms services. The participants issue their vote by sms and the votes are shown on the billboard online and this is used to make a decision with public favor.
40.Customer Profile Update Competitions:
It is necessary to update the customers profile from time to time. It has positive impact on the business directly. The companies became aware about the taste and choice of their customers.
41.Ask the Experts:
sms services support two way communication to get answer to any query. This may be for customer or public interest.
42.Service Request (Deaf and Hearing Impaired) :
Health care institutions are providing text messaging to summon for ambulance for the customers who are deaf and hearing impaired.
43.Personal / Group Support :
Companies may send information to their customers by sms or email. These services of many types like health care, environment care, water reservation ect. For example is a site helping people quit smoking.
44.Self Serve Account Management:
people may pay their income tax by sms service in Phillipines. eg
In this way people may save their precious time and money.
45.Refund Requests:
Any company may send refund request through sms services to their customers if the services are not made available in time. These companies may include transport services, home delivery services, travel services etc.
46.Anonymous Feedback:   
various companies, agencies may get any feedback to their services by sms messaging from their various visitors, customers, clients etc. In this way they can get result from positive, negetive or neutral responses to take future initiatives.
47. Voting Reminders:
voting may be performed by sms services. The voting codes are delivered and then got from fans of contesttants.
48.Mobile Q & A :
sms questions of any type to a designated short code and receive answer by sms. eg.
Many companies may do same to know their customers problems and provide them the answer by sms. They may take a keyword to short code from for this purpose.

4.Business management and internal administration:

49.Debt Collection:  
Loan provider companies use the sms communicative service which is very economic service to inform their clients to collect their due payments. The are able to connect many customers instantly for this purpose.  
50.Appointment Notifications and Reminders:
Various clinics in India use this service of mobile messaging for sending reminders of appointments and accept or cancel the appointments. This helps to reduce workload. Many companies may take sms services of text and voice messages from for this purpose.
51.Sales Force Reporting :
Many companies may use sms services to communicate with their sale offices. It is real time approach to improve business. The customers may get e-mail or sms messages regarding any query about sales or when they login the site or make an order for sale.    
52.Absentee Alerts:
In many school, colleges, universities, institutions ect the sms is sent from the server to inform the parents of the absentee. This is useful to avail the services of the institutions positively all over the world.   
Many companies may inform for providing incentives of various types for their clients, customers, visitors, participants etc via sms services of text or voice via
54.Applications and Placements:
There are many companies, agencies, institutions, industries etc who need sms services for collecting applications and offering placement services of various types.
55.Admission tests:
Many institutions may use sms services for their admission purposes. They may use short code services for this purpose.
56.Acceptance Notifications :
Various institution inform their participants for their acceptance to various services via services. They can use text as well voice messaging service for this purpose.
57.Salary Notifications:
sms services are used to send salary notifications to various employees from time to time. This is cost effective way of communication nowadays.
Various companies may make public their recruitment requirements via sms services of   
59.Communication with Freelancers:
Services of freelancers can be taken by sms services of text, flash, two way, short code and voice type.
60.Case Tracking information:
many associations in India like lawers association, market associations, labour associations, student association, volunteer association are availing sms services of bulk sms extensively to fetch information immediately.
The lawers association uses the case tracking system by having the database of their clients and prior to listening of all cases the concerned lawers get SMS from the system. It is eco friendly as well as economic way of information transfer or communication.
61.Missed Call Notification:
Many companies are notifying their customers about missed calls when their mobile phone was switch off or out of range. The subscribers get full details from the service providers. The short message services are used for this purpose.
62. Managing Field Workers:
Any business company may manage their field workers by instant short message services which are eco-friendly as well as economically useful.
63.Interdepartmental Communications:
Short message services are very useful for inter-deparmental communication in various businesses as well as offices. It is quite eco-friendly and cheapest service of communication.
64.Organizational / Business Unit Alerts:
Any alert messages at any emergency are successfully delivered instantly via short message services of text, two way, short code, preloaded voice messages for this purpose. Many military, National Cadet Corps(NCC), volunteer associations, Emergency care associations are availing these services very well in india.
65.Project Status Updates:
Companies or associations may take care of their project status updates from time to time. Eg is sugar association of South Africa which sends weekly sms to their farmers informing them to irrigate or not their crops of sugar that week. There is large scope of bulk short messaging services in India like this.  
Many companies avail sms services to take update reports at definite time intervals from their various on going projects.
66.Project Management:
Various Projects are managed via short message services as these services are very cheap, reliable and safe for environment.  Many companies avail sms services to take update reports at definite time intervals from their various ongoing projects to evaluate the progress. They may direct their project-staff for any change, addition, alteration of any condition of the project time to time 
67.Fund Raising:
Many NGOs (Non Government Organizations), Charitable hospitals, Orphanges, Vridh Ashram etc are availing short message service to collect funds for their requirements from their regular donors. The donors get tex rebate in return.


68.Email Alerts:
Yahoo mail launched an SMS alert service for its users in UK and Ireland to send them alert SMS about an important or selected email is received in the inbox of their email account.
69.Password Confirmations:
sms services are used to send pass word to get access to any services online. These services are also used to confirm any activation of the service or to confirm the payments or orders of the customers which enable them to up to date their account details.
70.Malfunction alerts: If you have a website or run a server on the internet most chances are that you will experience downtime at some point. When any of

your online service fails,  we notify you immediately by sms, email, IM , or phone. eg
71. Remote Monitoring Text Alerts:
Remote monitoring text alerts are sent by the sms service gatway to the concerning personnel instantly when any important event is notified by the server of the remote machinery. eg uses the same technology of effective as well as instant messaging.  
72.Virus Notifications:
virus notifications are sent by sms services, emails, or fax and voice messages when detector detects any viral entry into the internet services
73.System Failure Alerts:
system failure alerts are sent via short messages of text or voice to warn the engineers about the failure instantly. This all in one systems are become relible by enbling engineers to take appropriate action in time. Many companies are availing these services via smsfactory gateway services.


74.Container Tracking :
With the help of Telecommunication giant MTN Nigirian people are enable to track their containers in any part of the world with help of text messaging.
75.Goods Delivery updates on-the-go:
There is wide scope of short code messaging for customer services of local residents in India to convey information to deliver goods on time.
76.Fleet Management:
Short code message services are very useful for fleet management as the information is collected from time to time and recorded for better performance of  the fleet services. This may include performance of drivers, efficient routs and care of customers.
Many service providing companies avail the sms services for tracking of their services to maintain the efficiency or their services. As in time delivery is appreciated by the customers and tracking is necessary to trap any delay in the services.  
78. Access Control:
Many companies use sms service to a given number to activate any event by automatic systems. The system performs the action when an event of it is activated by short message service of mobile phone.
79. Hardware / Stock Management    
Any company may maintain and update its daily reports of important information related to its business. This information may be related to the stock, employee and workers, supply and production as well as other relevant issues of any company, industry, office or business.
These services are also used in various fields of services for example:
The data to update stocks, orders, sales, financial statements, insurance policies, banking, networking etc via sms services of text, keyword, short code and voice messages positively.  
eg. daily sale report, daily production report, daily need of raw materials, for example the report of all items which are required for sale or maintain stock of any retail or whole sale shop and store, credit and debit of payments of various customers of the shop and business, order to be fulfilled by the shop, any pending services to perform, and customer care services etc.            
The police person can make any query on the road via sms services about any vehicle about its maker, chassis number, engine number,last date seen, last location seen, stolen or not, booked for any illegal activity, information and many more positively.
80.Equipment Activation:  
sms services are of great significant to activate and deactivate equipments
eg.romote activation in robotics
81. Availability and Supply
The Chhattisgarh government in North East India ( offers SMS alerts on the availability and supply of food to beneficiaries of the subsidized public distribution system. To get the alerts, the families will have to register details of their mobile phones at the food and civil supplies department website (


82.Arrivals and Check-Ins Singapore Airlines has introduced check-in by SMS for frequent flyers and users of its website, from most cities in its global network, reports PC Authority. Passengers can check in and confirm their seat allocation by a mobile phone text message from 12 Singapore Airlines destinations.
83. SMS Reservations / Bookings-
Hotel Zone is one of the largest hetel booking agencies in Europe. They use sms for booking confirmation alerts enable hotelzone's customers to receive reservation codes, hotel names & addresses and arrival and departure dates, facilities, seasonal offeres, discounts, special offers and many more.
84. Managing Travelling Preferences- The Fairmont Dubai  keep in touch with their customers on a regular basis with short, direct messages. These were particularly effective for special events, as well as for food and beverage specials that needed to be promoted quickly. The daily need services providers can also avail sms applications to improve their business.
85.Travel Information:
 London's Underground provides free text messages to mobile phone with real-time travel news and details of delays before you reach the station. An SMS service is also available for Airport Express trains to Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted. This service is also useful taxi-hire, truck-hire and other transports.
 Head of Global business development for said that they send information to sms subscribers once each week. Subscribers select their preference (city breaks, hotels, restaurants, theatres, etc). Our SMS will detail an offer which reflects their product choice. This represents a value added service for true 'last minute' customers and people on the move who can still access's extensive database of products." (Source: m-travel)
87. International Health Information
Britons traveling abroad to exotic destinations are now able to receive immediate and free travel health information regarding malaria thanks to a new text messaging service developed by mobile healthcare specialist iPLATO. The service, funded by GlaxoSmithKline Travel Health as part of the Malaria Awareness Campaign, allows travelers to text in the name of their destination
country to receive relevant information about the malaria prevalence in that country. In the same way information may be availed for many health issues at present as well as future (source
88. Communication with Corporate Clients- South African Airways take care of their messaging needs. Short Messages (SMS's) are sent to corporate member mobile telephone numbers grouped into individual groups categorized to events specific as per the South African Airways Alarm notification documentation.


89. Credit Checks
Creditgate ( offers instant and live mobile access to credit and director information on all UK limited companies. To retrieve information: mobile users type the company name or the company number or the directors name (prefixed with the words "director") and send as a text message to a designated phone number.
An SMS report can then be selected by simply replying 1 or 2 or 3 or 4, etc., to the subsequent SMS messages.
90. Cash Transfers
About Bank of America Mobile Banking Available to all Online Banking customers. With Mobile Banking you can use your iPhone or iPod touch to easily and securely check your balance, pay your bills, transfer funds, or find a nearby ATM or banking center. It’s easy, fast, and convenient - just use the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPod touch to go to and you can get started.
According to Text Loan UK's press release, if you own a cell phone then you can avail this help anywhere in the UK. You just need to send one SMS from your mobile and money will be credited in your account within a few hours.
Transfer Money in India Via Mobile. Green Money Transfer’ facilitated by PayMate, Tata Indicom, Corporation Bank Kenya's biggest mobile operator, Safaricom, allows it's subscribers to send cash to other phone users by SMS. M-Pesa ( is expected to revolutionize banking in a country where more than 80% of people are excluded from the formal financial sector. To send money users hand over the cash to a registered agent - typically a retailer - who credits their virtual account. They then send between 100 shillings (74p)

91. Stock Prices Updates
Online financial information provider Advance Financial Network ( is one of the many companies that offer an SMS text service for private investors. The service enables mobile phone users to receive price information for their chosen stocks by sending an SMS including the stock symbol to ADVFN. They will receive a text message within ten seconds detailing the stock's current price, the bid and offer price as well as the day's highs, lows and opening price.

    Designed for you: Available for any phone from the mobile Web or as an app for iPhone and BlackBerry users
    Follow the market: Follow the broad market indices or a specific company—it’s your choice
    Financial news: From the day’s top stories to stories specific to a company you’re following, if you want financial news, you’ll find it here
    Your portfolios: Have a personalized portfolio on Yahoo! Finance on your computer? Follow the same portfolio right on your phone
    Follow your company: Drill down into specific company information that’s important to you Currency converter: Need to know how the Dollar converts to the Euro? The built-in currency converter will give you the data you need(, News Update as at 18.00 hrs (IST), Stock prices live on mobile

BANGALORE: Prices of shares at the stock market can now be monitored and investments tracked with the help of mobile phones.


92. Banking Alerts
 Bank of America ( offers a selection of SMS alerts to their customers so that they can stay informed about important activity in their checking, savings, and credit card accounts. They can be delivered to both a customer's email address or as a text message.
 FNB are able to notify customers immediately of account transactions via an SMS message to their mobile phones. Enabling clients to keep up-to-the-minute with all activity taking place in their accounts, and to monitor and detect any fraudulent activity.icici bank,
Get automatic updates for your account on either your mobile
Get immediate update on a large debit or large credit in to your account
     Large Debit Alert
     Large Credit Alert
     Balance below Average Quarterly Balance Alert
     Periodic Bank Account Balance - Daily / Weekly (Sent every Monday)
     Standing Instruction (SI) Failure Alert
Automatic Alerts
We provide automatic Alerts for the security of your personal information and your transactions. Although you can turn off automatic
Alerts, we recommend you keep them turned on because they notify you when:
     Address or phone number is changed
     Checks are ordered
     Account has insufficient funds
     Credit card access/convenience checks are ordered online
     Email address is changed
     There's irregular debit Glossary Term card or credit card activity
     Online banking Glossary Term ID is changed or looked up
     There's an Online Banking sign-in error or passcode is reset
     An online transfer account is added

93. Short Term Loans
Ferratumin ( Finland offers a short-loan service in the Netherlands. Customers can borrow Euro 100 or 300 for a term of 15 days, by sending an SMS to the company with the name, date of birth, bank account and address. If they have pre-registered, the money is in their bank account within 10 minutes. First time customers have to wait 24 hours.Over 6 lakh customers have taken quote at Deal4loans.comNdtv Chooses to empower its Loans Section.
Personal Loan Quotes are free for customers. has tie ups with all Personal loan Banks in India.
 Your loan is in your pocket.
By logging on to from your mobile phone, you can apply for a consumer loan through the Loans menu, 5-minute Loan step and have your loan approval sent to your mobile phone via SMS within 5 minutes. You can still make a loan application through even if you are not a Garanti Customer.

Would you like to get your Internet/Mobile Banking or Alo Garanti PIN now
( Car loans, Bike loans, House loans are available on handset etc

94. Instant Short Term Insurance / Policies
South African insurance company Metropolitan Life has introduced a service called Cover2Go (, mobile messaging technology, to offer insurance cover to those on lower incomes in South Africa. The service costs around R10 (approx $1), which is deducted from the phone's airtime and provides instant life insurance for six days, paying out R60,000 (approx
$6,300) in the case of accidental death.
Science News
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First Micro-Insurance Plan Uses Mobile Phones and Weather Stations to Shield Kenya's Farmers ScienceDaily (Mar. 4, 2010) — As East Africa recovers from the worst drought in decades, an innovative program just launched will use a low-cost, mobile phone payment and data system, and automated, solar powered weather stations, to offer thousands of farmers in parts of Western and Central Kenya affordable, "pay as you plant" insurance to protect their investments in desperately needed high-yielding seeds, fertilizers, as well as other farm inputs.
Read more. . .

95. Share trading
Australian online share trading company, Bell Direct (, offers an SMS share trading service. Investors can trade stocks either online or through a call center. Specifically, Bell Direct allows users to buy or sell shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), get free ASX quotes, stock prices and company information, read market updates, follow company announcements and set up watch-lists for your favourite stocks.
96. Virtual credit card numbers
Visa offers a virtual Visa card' ( ) which exists only as a string of numbers on a pre-paid voucher. The card is activated by entering the account's reference number (provided at the time of purchase) through a secure web site, which generates a one-off Visa account number, expiry date and three-digit security code. These are sent to the customer via email or an SMS message. (

97. ATM Cash Alerts
SatCom Networks Africa Ltd. ( uses SMS to alert banks in Tanzania of any impending or existing problems at ATM machines.
98. Paying for Cash Services
( allows users to send and receive money with their phone via text messaging. To deliver a payment, a user simply enters the amount he or she wishes to send and the recipient's cell phone number (or personal alias) -- the transaction is instantaneous.

99. Application promotion
Businesses can develop and promote their own applications geared around the businesses products or services to encourage user interaction. Applications can leverage the services of social networking sites such as Facebook's SMS service to “directly interact with users via text messaging”. Users will be able to interact with applications that they have installed as well as add new applications from both the XHTML site and via SMS.” (
100. Social networking on the Go The PL8Scan social networking service allows users to sign up to receive text messages from other members via their license plate number. (

101. Communicating and content sharing via social networking sites? My Space (, the popular social networking site, added support for receiving MySpace alerts on Cingular subscribers cell phones via text messaging. "The alerts are to let users know when they have received things such as messages, comments, picture comments, friend requests, and event invitations."? Text Me by Mozes ( ) allows users to send SMS, photos, and mobile gifts from their Facebook profile?s for free. Text messages, photos, and gifts sent from users pages are delivered directly to the selected recipient?s mobile phone.? is a social networking initiative in Mumbai, which is currently providing online car pooling service to city motorists. Members can, through an email, a phone call or an SMS, locate a car pooler near his location who is ready to accommodate him and take him to his desired destination.? Twitter ( is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that uses text messaging as one of the ways to keep in touch. When users send in a mobile text (SMS) via a short code, Twitter sends it out to the users group of friends and posts it to the users Twitter page.

10.Social networking, Religious networking, National networking:

Social, Religious and national networks are availing bulk sms messaging for transmitting any short information instantly as well as to various groups. eg,,

11.Multi-media and journalism:

multimedia and journalism are sending messages to their fieldworkers, audience and participants as well. This is very economic way of instant group messaging.

12.Government agencies:

Various government agencies like Education, justice, Railway, Airways, Telecommunication, medicine, Information and broadcasting, Department of telecommunications, Department of Information Technology, Departments of Posts, Central Vigilance Commission, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, Department of Information Technology, Central Bureau of Narcotics, Central Water Commission, Sports Ministry etc

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