International SMS Route

International SMS Route / International SMS Gateway

Our many Customers are availing our international messaging delivery services for delivering Mobile Phone Messages Globally. The rates of this messaging route are different to our those routes to sending messages in India. These Services are very useful both for Indian as well as abroad companies to deliver mobile phone messages in bulk anywhere anytime globally. This is our latest and best service for our Customers to avail for business, information, advertising, communication, campaigning worldwide. Now you need not to worry about how to send mobile message abroad to group of people instantly or at a fixed time in future.

Advantages of International messaging Route

  • It enables you to deliver Group SMS to the countries outside the India.
  • It is very efficient Gateway of Bulk SMS Delivery to any country world wide.
  • You Can Send Messages from Your computer or laptop simply
  • We provide unique sender ID as well as User Name and Pass Word for sign up in the Route.
  • It is very useful to send information outside India Instantly or at scheduled time.
  • It supports all international Mobile Phone Messaging Networks as well as Brands of Mobile Phones to fetch your messages to your recipients directly.


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