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1. News Room SMSFactory:

Smsfactory is providing various schemes and offers on Christmas, New Year, Deewali and other festivals and events throughout the year. Our customers are availing these offers and schemes in abundance. 

1.1 New Year Offers and Pakages:

Smsfactory provides many Offers and Packages at low prices for our Any New as well as regular Customers, Reseller & Customer may take advantage of these benefits to boost their Business and Sales as well. Our Smsfactory provides these offers to Advertisers, Marketers, Retailers, Whole-sellers, Campaign organizers, Clubs, Shoppers, Manufacturers, Industrialists, Stock Brokers, Company's MIS and many more.

1.2 Deewali Offers and Packages:

Smsfactory provides Deewali-Dashhera offers and packages to convey information via SMS messaging of different routes. These packages are useful for business and information.

1.3 Christmas Offers and Packages:

Many Business companies avail these offers to improve their sales on Christmas festival. These  offers play an important role in SMS Messaging.

2. News World wide:

News are very urgent and important for us. We must aware of what is happening around us. Smsfactory appeals you go through daily news online as well as read ePapers on line, It does not matter where you are living in the world and what news you like to watch, listen and enjoy. The News and Media is now becomming our daily need for our good Growth, Business, Education, Environment, Health, Finance, Banking, Travel & Transport, Marketing, Advertisement, Industry and many many other fields of our life. Information plays very important role in our daily routine, wether it is obtained in the form of Mobile SMS, Tv news, Radio broadcasting news, Satellite transmission news, FM radio news, mobile news etc 
There are many good ranked web sites which are providing you daily as well as live news on the internet worldwide, They are enablng you getting live news, Sports news, Agricultural news, Health news, Banking news, Music news, Online News, News updates, Games News, Weather news. Business news, Cricket news, News Flashes, Inernational News, City News, Cities news, National news, India news, America news, UK news, Canada news, Africa News, Asia News, North America news, South America News, Europe News, Middle Asia News, South Asia News, Australia News and many more

Our SMS Factory Supports its clients as well as resellers watching daily news locally and worldwide. Our customers may watch current and latest news from following useful links as they must have knowledge around them before sending bulk messaging anywhere.

2.1 Google News:

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Google is providing Many news services world wide. As it is the world's most powerful search engine, it is very useful as well as popular News provider in the world. It enables you to search for any latest, current, live and past news globally. It is also providing you News in Local Languages worldwide. It is being popular because it helps you to search and get any news within moments. You may go for any news world wide by simply clicking on the following link.

2.2 Yahoo News:


Yahoo is also a very well known search engine which is also providing news services worldwide,. You may click on the following link for Yahoo news:  

2.3 MSN News:

Go for various news sites  by clicking on the following links. You may found world wide as well as local news there

2.4 BBC News:      

2.5 Rediff News:

2.6 Fox News:

2.7 One India News:

2.8 Nerws from all angles:

2.9 World News:

2.10 The Times of India News:

2.11 Economics times:

2.12 IBN News:

2.13 NDTV News:

2.14 Tribune india News:

2.15 Hindustan Times News:

2.16 Aajtak News:

2.17 Punjab kesari News:

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