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Media and Group Messaging

Many media and coverage industries like News papers and TV Channels, TV Cable Channels, News Agencies etc in Ludhiana, Punjab and India are availing Bulk SMS Services of our site to deliver bulk sms messages to various mobile phones through all mobile networks for arranging any campaign successfully.  We are directly or indirectly helping many firms for marketing and information. We provide them cheapest communication and make database available for different locations in Punjab and India. 
Our bulk messaging application is very useful as it has very advanced and latest following features;

1.Instant delivery

The Text and the Voice Calls can be delivered instantly to the groups for media purposes.

2.Scheduled delivery

SMS messages can be delivered at any schedule of your choice especially in day hours.

3.Unique Alpha-Numerical Sender ID of your Choice

SMS Sender ID of eight characters can be prepared if not objectionable.

4.Make your Branded ID

Eight character branded ID can made of a Brand which remains visible with each message sent under its account
5.Automatic Character Counter
Automatic character counter shows you how much characters are left behind out of 160 characters  when you type each character in the send message text box, 

5.Duplicate Phone Numbers Removal

Duplicate numbers are removed automatically when you send the messages.

6.Message Delivery Report

You can watch SMS Delivery report right after you send the messages in groups to your customers, clients, visitors, spectators, audience etc.

7.DND Filteration

Your phone book numbers are automatically filtered for DND Registration when you deliver the SMS messages

8.Canned SMS

These messages are prepared in advance and stored to send again in future

9.SMS Credits

This shows how many SMS are present in your account to be used by you.

10.SMS Used

Shows your SMS Used in a number

11.Balance SMS

Shows your SMS Balance

12.Send SMS

To send or deliver SMS to Various Groups

13.Two Way SMS

These SMS are for getting customers' response back

14.Change Password

Login Password can be changed form here

15.My Home

Shows about your Account and Profile ID

16.My Profile

Shows about your personal identifications

17.My Phonebook

These are the files of your clients with their phone numbers

18.MIS Report

Shows Time and delivery report of SMS

19.Add Client

You may add any client under your account if you are a reseller

20.SMS Allocation

You may allocate SMS Messages to your clients which are shown here

21.List Clents' A/c

Your clients accounts are listed here

22.SMS Summery

Shiows sms delivered at This hour, Today and This month

23.Help Desk 

This is for Support, Contact Us and Logout

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