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Social Networks:

Society is very useful field for public life. Many Societies are now depend on Social-networks worldwide. Social-Media is very useful for Social-work. Social-work may be related to Welfare of Public like Educational-Services, Job & Placement services, Religious-services, Health-Services, Sports & Games services, Public discussions and many more. There are many social-networking-sites available over the net nowadays.These Social-Sites are Social environment providers for all users worldwide. The Social-Networks which are far away from any discrimination, Corruption & Deception are becoming very popular recently. The Societies can grow via Social-Networking very successfully.
Computer-networks are very useful for social-networks. The hardware and software are helping directly or indirectly social-networks to keep and maintain information in the form of data. Network-security is very necessary for all social-networks positively. There are also many Community-networks for many communities globally. Mobile-Phone-networks are making social-networks very powerful via Wireless-Networks of many mobile-companies worldwide. These Social-Networks are serving regularly many home networks, Communal-Groups, public Groups for Civilians, Public, Friends, Colleagues etc. . .  
SMS enable your Social Application to reach users across the globe, at any time, via any handset.
Social Networks / Applications are the bread and butter of the new age Internet, commonly referred to as Web2.0. believes that using SMS to bind the two worlds together is the most cost effective, reliable and simple to implement method available.With truly global reach, your social application can now extend its mobile communications channel to 750 networks spanning 212 countries.
Using SMS FACTORY's SMS API's to further your offering will enable you to notify your users of any changes, requests or developments within their online networks
We've gone to great lengths to ensure any developer who wants to interface an application, site or system with our messaging gateway can do so reliably and simply via our HTTP/S, FTP, XML, SMTP, SMPP, SOAP or COM Object API.
SMS FACTORY understands the need for tying your online presence in with your every-day life, especially for professionals using social applications such as Orkut,
Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and many more to communicate with clients, colleagues and prospective alliances.
Here's what we do to make your life easy:

social network laptop smsfactory

  • We're a technology company ourselves, so we understand exactly what you need in order to do your job without delays.
  • We provide practical, useful script libraries and excellent documentation for each connection.
  • We offer one central interface to enable you to manage multiple connections, and from a business perspective you can have a single account through which you control multiple project integrations.
  • If you're running a team, you can also have sub-users on your account.
  • As you'd expect, we've made it just as simple for you to enable additional products such as premium rate and two-way messaging.
  • We offer a showcase for you to present products and make use of other developers' products.
  • We also host a developer forum for sharing information and seeking solutions.
Like to know more?
Our SMS FACTORY API Overview tells you everything you could want to know about connecting to our messaging gateway. We mentioned it above, but if you want details of any individual connection, we have excellent guides for each: HTTP/S, SMPP, SMTP, FTP, XML, SOAP or Com Object.

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