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Media, Multimedia and Entertainment industry are getting benefits of the Bulk SMS messaging daily around the globe. They are using Bulk Text SMS, Bulk Voice Calls, Short Code, Long SMS & Unicode SMS Services to deliver Pre-Scheduled or Instant mobile phone messages to various members related to the industry. The Bulk SMS messaging is very economic, effective and customer- targeted service for them. They can also deliver SMS from their Websites directly anytime anywhere in the world by integrating their websites with smsfactory's SMS APIs of mobile messaging. Media, Multimedia & Entertainment  is very wide and interesting industry nowadays. There are many events which are performed by it daily. This industry includes, TV, Radio, Cinemas, Theater, Music, Movies, Cable, Satellite Transmission, Internet, Websites, Information Technology, Computers, Laptops, Digital Cameras, Theater, Art and Culture, Cinematography & many more.
However New Songs, New Movies, New Picture Release, New Movie Release, New Tv Channels, New Cable Channels, New TV Programs, New episodes, New Music, New Plays, New Laughing Shows, New Magic Shows, New Product Launching, New Services Launching, New inaugural programs inspire & energizing the people all over the world.
 SNo. Application
 Bulk SMS Text Bulk Voice Calls
 Short Code  Long Code
 SMS Gateway API
 1. Send SMS to new and existing Customers
 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 2. Get Public Feedback at 56161
   Yes   Yes
 3. Online Booking of Seats
 Yes Yes Yes  Yes Yes
 4. Collect Users Interaction
   Yes   Yes
 5. Advertise for industrial event
 Yes Yes
  Yes Yes Yes
 6. Send Gift Offers, Discount Offers, Seasonal Offers, Festival Offers time to time for better output
 7. Send Good wishes daily to your regular customers
 Yes Yes    Yes
 8. Make your Branded Sender ID & Short code 56161Keyword Popular through sms messaging
 Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
 9. Cheapest, instant, effective & modern Communication system
 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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