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Increase profits and reduce Marketing costs with the power of mobile marketing:

The cost-effective, immediate nature of SMS makes it easy to see why marketers around the globe have found a well-planned mobile marketing campaign simple to execute, and highly effective.

  • SMS offers marketers a personalized bulk communication tool that:
  • Allows for campaign reporting.
  • Supports reverse billing & premium campaigns.
  • Allows customers to reply to messages with Two-way SMS.
  • Offers global reach to over 700 mobile networks in 201 countries.
  • Is capable of carrying binary data besides text (e.g. ringtones and logos).

SMS messages can be sent to an offline mobile phone and read at any time. With 100% of GSM mobile phones supporting SMS messages, its easy to see why SMS makes marketing sense.

SMS FACTORY’s trusted bulk messaging platform offers marketers immediate access to a range of robust SMS messaging products and award winning services designed with marketers in mind.

The ease of use and rapid integration SMS FACTORY’s products offer, makes it quick and easy for marketers to start creating and sending SMS marketing campaigns in minutes.

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 X- Locator
 Sms Gateway
 Want to send bulk mobile
marketing campaigns using a simple web interface?

Send personalized SMS messages with Excel Plugin, our web-based, bulk messaging tool & receive replies.

 Need a solution to send to send
automated, triggered SMS messages reliably?

SMS enable your website or app by connecting directly to our SMS Gateway via a range of simple, flexible API’s which are tailored to suit your budget and redundancy requirements.

 Premium Rate ICM
 Need a short code for a premium rated marketing campaign?

 Charge your customers a premium on each message they send or receive With SMS FACTORY’s premium rated shortcode messaging. Available in South Africa, Namibia, USA, Canada and the UK

 In need of a campaign management tool for two-way standard & premium rate campaigns?

 SMS FACTORY ICM (Interactive Campaign Manager) manages two-way, standard & premium rate SMS campaigns, based on shortcodes and keywords has put together a range of guides and case studies illustrating the practical application of messaging across a range of industries. If you’d like to learn more about the power of mobile messaging, and see how it can be used to promote your organization, take a look at the guides and case studies below.

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