Bulk SMS for Government messaging in all states and union territories of India is required time to time . SMSFactory Supports all Government SMS for the sake of all citizens at any time.

Real time, interactive emergency alerts:

Effective communication between government, state and local agencies and their constituents is absolutely essential in case of emergencies or disaster, either natural or man made. The successful operation of rescue efforts including incident and damage assessment, mobilization of rescue workers, transmission of emergency instructions, and managing evacuations requires horizontal communication between the various agencies in addition to top down communication.
The lack of horizontal messaging between agencies during the 2001 World Trade Center attack significantly slowed down rescue efforts and caused casualties among fire fighters and police. Another example is the breakdown of communication during hurricane Katrina and the resulting delay of rescue efforts and chaotic conditions
on the ground.

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SMS Factory's enterprise grade messaging solution provides government agencies with real time, interactive emergency alerts across multiple communication channels, reaching users anytime, anywhere, on any device. The next generation solution enables agencies to interact with employees, rescue workers, and the general public through one single messaging strategy:
  • Mobilization - SMS FACTORY helps improve emergency response times, deployments and rescue coordination with a messaging system designed to reach the intended audience within seconds.
  • High reach - SMS FACTORY combines mobile messaging with multiple communication channels to deliver any message (text, voice, IM, fax and pager) to any device (mobile phones, PDAs, PCs, IM clients, landline phones and fax).
  • Escalation - If a critical message is not immediately acknowledged it can be escalated to the next available communication channel, until acknowledgment has been received and message delivery is assured. Messages can also be escalated from person to person until fully acknowledged.
  • Secure - SMS FACTORY provides encryption between government applications and the messaging servers, as well as authenticated message access options for critical, confidential messages. All message traffic is traceable and auditable for post incident analysis.
  • Proven - SMS FACTORY is currently operating trusted messaging services for US and European government agencies. The highly reliable platform is fully scalable and able to manage massive traffic loads required for simultaneous incidents across the country.
  • Highest quality - Guaranteed message delivery SLAs, 24/7 customer support and fault management response and one single point of contact for resolution of any support issues.
  • Contact our sales team to find out how more about how we can help your organization

The solution consists of:

SMS FACTORY Multimode Messaging Manager - comprehensive and scalable enterprise-grade messaging solution that manages mission critical communication and real-time collaboration to emergency workers, first responders and the general public across multiple communication channels.
  • SMS FACTORY Alerts - disaster and business management alerts across multiple channels providing real-time notifications for employees, first responders or the general public.
  • SMS FACTORY Mobile Messaging Gateway - staying in touch. Connecting with more than 600 mobile operators in 200 countries, SMS FACTORY guarantees delivery and receipt of large volumes of inbound and outbound SMS messages in real-time.
All products are built on an open, flexible architecture, designed to meet rapid expansion and peak over-flow requirements, utilizing robust routing engine and load management technology and providing superior performance. The solution is available on ASP or managed service basis or can be deployed on site at government certified data centers. Contact our sales team to find out how we can help you.

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