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Reduce call and contact center communications costs and improve stakeholder relationships with SMS :

With SMS, call and contact center customers can rely on immediate, cost-effective and reliable text messages to be sent directly to mobile phones across the globe.
SMS enhances automated self-service, enabling call center agents to reach customers and obtain real time responses from anywhere in the world.
SMS also has the potential to dramatically simplify and improve relationships between a business, its customer and its staff, while at the same time reduces phone call costs, build advanced proactive contact strategies and improve on business processes.
Top Five Uses of SMS in Contact and Call Centers

call and contact center smsfactory
  1. Send order status via SMS
  2. Text payment reminders
  3. Account activity alerts via text
  4. Delivery SMS notifications
  5. Security alerts via SMS

Ease of use and simple integration with any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution:

Text messaging can be easily integrated with any existing CRM or call center solution. SMS FACTORY’s easy-to-use APIs and developer tools provide one central point to quickly integrate new SMS capabilities into existing or new offerings.
Its two-way SMS functionality provides a reply-path for customers to respond to call center messages. And, its extensive work with the carriers over the past eight years means that SMS FACTORY can reach over 700 networks in more than 200 countries around the world!
So, why not join the 18000+ businesses around the globe that already trust SMS FACTORY as their messaging provider and sign up for a free trial account today

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