Mobile bulk messages for many Industries and services:

Many industries, Indian-industries and Foreign-industries are using bulk-messaging regularly for their industrial-development. Big-industries, small-scale-industries, Reliance-industries, insurance-industries, auto-industries, Food-industries, hotel-industries, Textile-industries, chemical -industries, auto-industries, automobile-industries, Steel-industries, Plastic-industries, Financial-serivices, Bank-services, Factories, businesses and many more are using sms-messaging for their information-management, Communication and Marketing. Our smsfactory is helping many business companies, factories, plants, services via various computer and internet-services. Our service-center is serving our customers very well. Bulk-Messaging is very
economic-marketing nowadays as it is instantly delivered and reach directly to the end recipients.

Driving security in the banking, financial & insurance services sector:

The uptake of online Banking, Internet based payments and transactions have been growing at unprecedented rates. Banking clients from all walks of life are now becoming more comfortable with using technology to perform their banking, payment and investment functions. Increased mobility and the proliferation of mobile and IP based devices have given financial institutions a fast, secure and reliable communications channel to provide financial information to their customer's devices.

Our financial services solutions have been adopted by major financial institutions worldwide for more than three years, processing millions of message transactions. It has helped reduce fraud for banks and card issuers by up to 43%. It has also brought about increases in Internet banking security, reduced call center costs, and helped boost client retention for banks by 15%.

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Banks, card services, investment firms and other financial institutions are able to effectively harness the power of mobile messaging to:

  • Reduce fraud via proactive account activity monitoring e.g. phishing, spoofing, stolen cards.
  • Build consumer confidence and address identity theft concerns through actionable fraud alerts and real-time transaction alerts.
  • Increase traction, grow new markets and attract new customer types e.g. youth market.
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction through account notifications and access.
  • Achieve overall cost reduction e.g. call-center.
  • Address new payment methods such as contact-less payments.
  • Reinforce or build brand recognition and increase brand awareness.
The SMS FACTORY Financial Services Solutions consist of a multimodal messaging platform, dedicated financial applications and a set of open interfaces.

It utilizes multiple communication channels (SMS, voice, email, etc.) and seamlessly integrates with existing financial systems, enabling customers to access their accounts and allowing financial institutions to directly connect with their customers.

It operates on any mobile or IP enabled device, regardless of carrier, manufacturer, operating system or platform and does not require any mobile client software, keeping service distribution to consumers simple.

Financial Messaging Platform:

A fully integrated and managed solution based on snsfactory. It provides secure message routing and delivery, account management, network channel and connectivity management and is capable of processing millions of multimodal messaging transactions per month.

Start benefiting immediately from:

  • Account notifications - balance updates, mini statement, payment reminders.
  • Account access - balance inquiry, mini-statement request via SMS.
  • Real-time transaction alerts - credit card, debit card, online log in.
  • Actionable fraud alerts - alerts that requires acknowledgement by user.

Financial Applications:

Working in conjunction with the messaging platform are extensions to the basic package that allow financial institutions to offer additional services such as:
  • 2-Factor authentication - Additional system security that interacts with the user. For example: following a user transacti e.g. online banking login attempt, a unique code for web-based entry is dispatched to the user via SMS.
  • Card not present - Further online transaction security. Following an online transaction, the user is sent an additional authentication token via SMS and required to enter it online to complete the transaction.
  • Mobile authentication - Secure channel switching from SMS to voice or audio entry of a verification PIN code. This method eliminates any concerns about the PIN code being stored in the device SMS outbox.
  • Mobile payment - Enabling small transactions for peer to peer or person to business payments. Utilizes channel switching and voice based PIN entry as mobile authentication.
  • CRM applications - Intelligent customer callback. Instead of calling the service line to be placed on hold, the customer sends a SMS query and receives a SMS notification stating approximate wait time. The CRM system initiates an agent call back after the indicated time.
  • Marketing and loyalty applications - Interactive Campaign Manager, a 2-way SMS campaign management for mobile marketing campaigns with email marketing tools including click through reporting, template management, and database integration.

SMS FACTORY's financial services solutions has been receiving great acclaim from major banking institutions for over three years. Contact our sales team to find out more information.

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