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We smsfactory are world's leading SMS messaging provider offering remarakable and reliable SMS Text and Voice messaging globally through almost all-networks of mobile phones successfully. You may contact-us anytime for making any query. Our Services are very useful economically as well as eco-friendly, which enables you to send simultaneous bulk sms to your targeted Customers, Regular-Customers, Buyers, Shoppers, Fans, Regular-shoppers, Clients, Clientele, Members, Managers, Supervisors, Fieldworkers, Graduates, Post graduates, Technicians, Public, Citizens, Mobile-Users, Viewers, Future-purchasers, Users, End-users, Students, Job-seekers, Enjoyers, Visitors, Frequent-visitors, Persons, Individuals, Frequenter, Obtainers, Receivers, Assignees, Recipients, Travelers, Tourists, Guys, Persons, Men and Women, Spectators, Technicians, Staff, Workers, Recruiters, Newcomers, Representatives, Dealers, Distributors, Followers, Shareholders, Investors, Bondholders, Shareowners, Financiers, Bankers, Participants, Associates, Assistants, Colleagues, Contributors, Helpers, Partakers, Party, Sharers, Supporters, Admirers, Devotees, Groupies, Enthusiasts and many more. . .
Our office-address is given at Contact-us web-page. Our Branch-offices are also addressed there. Our Suuort-Center always tries its best to serve you decently and heartily.

About www.smsfactory.in Services

Smsfactory (Powered by B.D.S.Technologies) offers your business complete end-to-end bulk SMS solutions for developing and deploying real-time SMS notification and data access applications that dramatically reduce time-to-decision and improves service value to customers. Communicate and send messages to your customers, employees and prospective clients and use this bulk SMS solution to grow your business...

B.D.S. Technologies is a Mobile Business Application Messaging Provider for bulk SMS services, providing complete 'end-to-end' solutions for corporate mobile messaging, from application development and gateway provision to infrastructure management and professional consultancy.

Our advanced telecoms messaging infrastructure and applications are 'carrier-grade' and offer businesses unparalleled scalability, reliability and performance. Sms Factory has a portfolio of products and services to help businesses capture the mobile market place. B.D.S. Technologies tailors its mobile applications to seamlessly integrate into critical enterprise and customer management systems, allowing businesses risk-free access to new value added services.

B.D.S. Technologies's clients are businesses that wish to harness the mobile market place for the extension of their existing products and services or the deployment of new ones. We also provide infrastructure and gateway services to companies that are already involved in mobile applications development and messaging services.

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We are only bulk sms aggregator for North India and providing reliable and remarkable bulk sms services for resellers and clients to enhance their business sales and various campaigns in India. Sms services are the cheapest and effective way of information transfer to unlimited groups of recipients instantly.
Due to instant nature of information transfer to End Users sms services are now becoming more and more popular day by day.
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Bulk SMS Gateway / Application for sending Bulk SMS in India

Bulk SMS sending Application is designed for composing and sending instant unlimited text messages, invitations,season greetings, mass recruitment notification and job alerts, business advertisement, mobile marketing campaign, love SMS, notifying customers of deals, product promotions and events or Different type of messaging formats from PC to group of mobile phone numbers. Bulk Messaging is an influential and trouble-free technique to keep contact to your employees, clients, friends and relatives.

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Bulk SMS service messaging application has an interactive graphical user interface which makes it very easy-to-use. User does not require any specific technical skill to use this interface. Our Application allows its users to maintain a phonebook in which a number of phone numbers are stored. Application allows you to compose and send personalized text message to group of selective contacts, individuals, list of national and international mobile numbers in one click. Mobile numbers can be either manually entered or imported from a text file or Excel to send bulk sms. Need to any internet connection to send text sms across the world. You can send online mobile SMS in English. Text messaging services can send messages from pc to all major GSM Networks like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Spice Telecom, BPL Mobile, Orange, Escotel Mobile, BSNL, MTNL and CDMA Networks like Reliance, Tata Indicom etc.

Bulk SMS Service Components for India

  • Total client focus and support
  • Carrier grade infrastructure and applications
  • Global (MO) Mobile Originated and (MT) Mobile Terminated messaging solutions
  • Tailored development for clients
  • Complete auditing and reporting software
  • Guaranteed prioritisation and routing of messaging services
  • Enhanced Service Level Agreements (SLA's)
  • Messaging infrastructure features extensive API architecture for rapid development andintegration of client systems.
  • Advanced m-commerce solutions
  • Premium rate solutions
  • An experienced team of industry professionals to move your business forward.
  • Bulk SMS Service Marketing Benefits for India
  • Low Commercial Cost
  • Low Development Cost
  • Content Delivery Instantly
  • Direct Marketing (1 to 1)
  • Highly Reachable
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Additional Revenue Generation
  • Time to Market
  • Efficiency
  • Accountability Ease of Use
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With the rapidity at which the cellular grows and in order to have its presence felt.,SMS Services has a vision which it approaches as the days goes by. A steady growth, quality assurance and most importantly Customer Satisfaction are some of the ethics on which SMS FACTORY has built its vision of providing the valuable knowledge and the efforts for seamless service to many more individuals by establishing 25 branch offices by the beginning of 2010. To convert this vision into reality SMS Factory has framed its working modules and these marketing concepts are based on innovative services, highly motivated and skilled professionals. This gives the flexibility and diversity to expand into new business associates, maintaining the core competence.

Our Management

In order to be on the top in the competitive market, it needs to lead by the best,SMS FACTORY has this formula right with it, being governed by good professionals. At SMS FACTORY employee friendly environment policies are designed and developed for the continuous career up gradation, succession plan and personality development. These policies are designed with a view to provide congenial work atmosphere to attain and retain the best talent in the industry.


The most important asset of our company lies at the point where it believes in its growth. SMS FACTORY being no exception has shared its success story with some of its most eligible and professional people in establishing its fanciness in various part of the country.

SMS Marketing 

As wireless text messaging (SMS) has grown into a mainstream communication tool for consumers, reaching them via SMS marketing has become increasingly important strategy for businesses. Whether between two people planning to meet up or a broadcast message to thousands of users, more and more customers are becoming converts every day, and savvy marketers realize text messaging is a great way to quickly communicate with their audience. sms gateway, bulk sms gateway, sms gateway solutions, bulk gateway sms, free sms gateway, free sms gateway script, sms email gateway, sms gateways, create sms gateway, test sms gateway, dedicated sms gateway, email to sms gateway, exchange gateway sms, sms gateway smpp, sms gateway software, sms gateway server, sms gateway India,bulk SMS Gateway, bulk sms gateway, sms gateway, bulk sms solution, BULK SMS INDIA, bulk sms india, bulk sms Punjab, bulk sms in Punjab, bulk sms Chandigarh, bulk sms in Chandigarh, bulk sms jalandhar, bulk sms in jalandhar, bulk sms Amritsar, bulk sms in Amritsar, bulk sms delhi, bulk sms in delhi, bulk sms in new delhi, bulk BULK SMS PUNJAB, sms bulk india, bulk sms in rajasthan, bulk sms rajasthan, bulk sms Haryana, bulk sms in Haryana, bulk sms himachal Pradesh, bulk sms in himachal Pradesh, bulk sms jammu and Kashmir, bulk sms in Jammu and Kashmir, bulk sms gateway Punjab, bulk sms aggregator in india, bulk sms aggregator india, bulk sms gateway in india, sms gateway india, bulk sms gateway delhi, bulk sms aggregator delhi, bulk sms uttar Pradesh, bulk sms in uttar Pradesh, sms bulk up, bulk sms lucknow, bulk sms in lucknow, bulk sms gateway lucknow, bulk sms assam, sms bulk in assam, bulk sms Ludhiana, bulk sms gateway Ludhiana, bulk sms gateway jalandhar, bulk sms gateway Amritsar, bulk sms in Chandigarh, bulk sms gateway Chandigarh, bulk sms provider in india, bulk sms service provider, bulk sms service in Punjab, sms service Punjab, bulk sms service Ludhiana, bulk sms service Chandigarh, bulk sms provider Chandigarh, bulk sms provider jalandhar, bulk sms provider in Punjab, bulk sms provider rajasthan, bulk sms server india, bulk sms server Punjab. Bulk sms server Ludhiana, bulk sms server delhi, bulk sms server Maharashtra, bulk sms Mumbai, bulk sms service in Mumbai, bulk sms gateway Mumbai, bulk sms server Mumbai, bulk sms Andhra Pradesh, bulk sms in Andhra Pradesh, bulk sms Karnataka, bulk sms in Karnataka, bulk sms gateway Karnataka, bulk sms server Karnataka, bulk sms server Punjab, bulk sms Hyderabad, bulk sms server Hyderabad, bulk sms Bangalore, bulk sms in Bangalore, bulk sms gateway Bangalore, bulk sms server Bangalore, bulk sms aggregator Bangalore, bulk sms aggregator Mumbai, sms aggregator, cheap bulk sms india, cheap sms in india, cheap bulk sms provider, bulk sms service jalandhar, bulk sms server jalandhar, bulk sms service in Amritsar, bulk sms service in Chandigarh, sms service Chandigarh, bulk sms service rajasthan, bulk sms karnal, bulk sms service in karnal, bulk sms gateway karnal, bulk sms service Haryana, bulk sms provider in Haryana, bulk sms service in Punjab, bulk sms gateway Haryana, bulk sms provider in delhi, bulk sms service provider in india, bulk sms gateway india, bulk sms server in india


To conclude SMS FACTORY does believe and practically builds “Qualitative Business Careers” through Marketing. It’s the one place to lead the market in all the respective fields.
We assure the best price corresponding to quality of service with user friendly interface for sending SMS and retrieving MIS reports.

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